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Made in Rhode Island

Every piece of furniture that we offer begins on the design table at our family-owned Rhode Island facility, after which all of the raw materials that we use to create our award-winning Seaside Casual Furniture products are machined, assembled, processed, packaged, and shipped by our team from our warehouse in Coventry, R.I. We stand strongly behind our “Made in Rhode Island” roots, including our continuing efforts to source our materials from within the U.S.A. whenever we reasonably can. However, some of the items we design require components which aren’t readily available from domestic suppliers. As a US manufacturer, we believe in the importance of communicating to our customers about which of our products contain some imported components and which do not. The following list displays collections which are comprised of “Made in the USA” products, and those that contain products that are “Made with imported components”.

The Aura Collection (pp 14-15*): Imported fire components
The Greenwich Collection (pp 10-13*): Imported aluminum frames and woven panels

The HIP Collection (pp 6-9*): Imported Aluminum frames
The MAD Collection (pp 20-27*): Imported woven panels and Chaise frames
Complementary Pieces & Accessories (pp 48-53*): Imported Planter and Waste Receptacle Liners

Our domestic production enhances our ability to respond to customer needs and special requests, and helps us maintain our reputation for being a respected leader in the design, manufacturing and delivery of outdoor furniture.

*As shown in the 2022 Seaside Casual Catalog