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Seaside Casual FAQs

What is the material used to craft Seaside furniture?
Seaside's furniture is made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) lumber, an all-weather material that does not require sealing, painting or staining. It will not rot or splinter, and contains superior UV inhibitors that resist fading. It is also not affected by most corrosive substances, and will not absorb moisture or promote bacterial growth.

Is Seaside's HDPE made from recycled content?
Yes. The majority of our material is made from post-consumer and post industrial HDPE, including milk jugs and laundry detergent bottles. Some of the lighter shades, like white, require more virgin material to ensure the white is crisp and sharp. The material is 100% recyclable, so should you ever choose to replace your furniture, it can be 100% recycled.

Is this furniture suitable for high-wind or coastal locations?
Yes, this is an ideal location for Seaside furniture. The weight of our material/furniture is equivalent, if not more, than most hardwoods like teak. It will not move or tip in windy conditions.

Where is your product made?
Our furniture is proudly built in the USA.

Why does Seaside cost a little bit more than similar HDPE furniture?

  • We build our furniture from a high grade of HDPE for a furniture grade finish on the surface and edges of our products.
  • Our material is extruded at a slower pace for a smooth consistent finish, free from large voids, cracks and dimples that result in a rough surface that can become an irritant on the skin.
  • Our fasteners are counter sunk for a smooth and finished appearance.
  • Our furniture is manufactured in a modern, clean and safe plant owned by a fifth-generation family company who has stood behind their products and services for 100 years.

How do I maintain my Seaside furniture?
To maintain your furniture, simply clean it with soap and water. For advanced cleaning use a commercial deck cleaner found in most home improvement stores. Avoid pressure washing. For more details see: Care & Maintenance

What are the properties of your fasteners?
We use all stainless steel fasteners. Please note: In coastal areas where extreme humidity is present, stainless steel hardware may require more frequent cleaning and maintenance to avoid rusting.

What is your warranty?
Seaside offers a limited 20 year residential and a 5 year commercial warranty. For more details see: Warranty

Do I need to store my furniture during the winter?
No, all of our furniture can be left outdoors, uncovered, all year round.

What are your cushions made from?

We manufacture our cushions from durable, 100% solution dyed acrylic fabrics from Sunbrella© and Outdura©. All of our cushions are manufactured in the USA.

Are your fabrics waterproof?
Our cushions are water repellent but are not waterproof. If cushions become saturated, hang or place them on one edge and allow the water to drain away until they are dry. Do not store cushions when they are wet.